AI knowledge management: People powered, AI assisted

From identifying new knowledge gaps to ensuring existing knowledge is trusted and up-to-date, the information at your company flows through a lifecycle. Guru's AI can help at every step.

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Whether users search for specific knowledge or sort through personalized recommendations, our ML-powered search function helps people find relevant and critical information. Our search results and recommendations continuously improve by learning from the terms users look for and the Cards they interact with. That’s how we always keep people—and knowledge—at the forefront of your most important work.

ML-powered search
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Knowledge Triggers
Personalized recommendations


Grammar, tone, and brevity matter when it comes to getting a point across, and that includes the knowledge you collect and share. Give your knowledge a boost with Assist, a generative AI feature that will help you summarize, edit, and even improve the knowledge you've authored.


Whether you’re just beginning to create your single source of truth or are working to continually ensure that everyone has the knowledge they need to do their best work, it’s important to cut through the noise and identify what truly matters. Use AI Suggest Expert to verify content and get critical answers fast. Make that knowledge even more powerful by utilizing Trending Topics to highlight knowledge gaps and instantly create Guru Cards.


It’s important for knowledge to be kept up to date so it stays valuable to your company. Our AI not only suggests the right expert to verify trusted knowledge, it also gives users important insights into the last time knowledge was edited. Between our AI suggestions and Duplicate Detection, which helps you remove redundant information, maintaining a knowledge base has never been more simple.

Duplicate Detection

Security and privacy

Privacy and security have always been at the forefront of our work at Guru. Assist is still under the umbrella of our existing data security and privacy agreements, and no customer data will be stored with any third-party partners or used to train any third-party models.