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Transform your company’s knowledge with Assist

Assist harnesses the power of AI to swiftly summarize, enhance, and streamline your content creation to make knowledge sharing as impactful as possible.
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Instantly summarize key documents

Pare down lengthy docs, remove jargon, and sum up critical information with Assist.

Automatically improve your knowledge

Update and enhance legacy knowledge whether it’s located in Guru or scattered across different tools.

Easily get started writing

Fix spelling and grammar errors, simplify vocabulary, adjust your voice and tone, and refine your knowledge.

What is Assist? 

Assist is designed to help authors edit, adjust, improve, and bring clarity to the knowledge they've created. Currently available in our web app and Slack, authors can use Assist to summarize important information, adjust content for voice and tone, or translate text. 

How does Assist work? 

Assist uses generative AI and your subject matter experts to create the best content possible. Authors can highlight text (or choose to edit entire Cards) and use Assist to summarize, edit, adjust, or translate content. This feature is also available in Slack and can be used to summarize or produce an FAQ format for threads or Trending Topics and add them to new or existing Guru Cards.


Why do I need Assist? 

Assist makes it easier for everyone from seasoned content creators to beginners to create and share knowledge in Guru. Creating knowledge to add to your company’s wiki can be intimidating, but Assist helps authors edit and improve knowledge with ease. Authors are empowered with trusted and polished content they can feel confident sharing, and readers can spend less time scanning knowledge with Assist-generated summaries and benefit from an improved reading experience. 

Assist isn’t just for creating new content. It can also improve and enhance legacy content, and help update expired Cards or get content ready for verification. Getting started in Guru can feel daunting when you have important knowledge scattered among different tools. Guru users can import or copy/paste existing content and use Assist to polish, refine, and improve knowledge with ease. Now anyone can go from content creation to sharing knowledge in a matter of minutes! 

How can I get Assist?

Assist will be offered to all users on June 6th, free for a limited time. See all pricing plans.

"Easy to search, AI-driven recommendations, easily integrated into all the systems I already use."


Have questions about Assist? Learn more about how it works.

Does using Assist while in Beta cost extra?

No, using Assist while in beta is free of charge. Any future changes to offer and pricing will be communicated in advance.

How is my data being used by Assist?

Assist is still under the umbrella of our existing data security and privacy agreements, and no customer data will be stored with any third-party partners or used to train any third-party models. The data submitted through Assist is automatically deleted by third parties after being processed and is not used for any other purposes by third parties, such as model training.

We do not share any PII out-of-the-box. The only way we would share that information is if a customer explicitly included it in the card content.For more information on how we protect user data, visit our security page.

Into which languages can Assist help translate knowledge?

Assist currently supports translation of knowledge into the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese.