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Boldr is a purpose-driven outsourcing partner to fast-growing businesses by providing custom solutions in Customer Experience, Data Management, and Sales Enablement.

Case Study

Boldr & Guru: Customer Success & Next-gen Company Wiki Case Study

Boldr is a purpose-driven outsourcing partner to fast-growing businesses by providing custom solutions in Customer Experience, Data Management, and Sales Enablement.

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Growing ecommerce platforms need to rethink how they provide support to their customers, balancing the need for business efficiency with the aspiration to delight. Striking the right balance means finding the right combination of repeatable, scalable support process and people alongside trust-worthy, simple-to-access knowledge. That’s why Cratejoy paired Boldr’s business process outsourcing with Guru’s next-generation company wiki for an unbeatable people, process, and technology combination.

The challenge: scaling customer support for buyers and sellers

Cratejoy, a subscription box company for all hobbies, interests, and passions, found itself successfully growing its customer base. Cratejoy’s customers include the subscribers who are purchasing boxes as well as the merchants who use the platform to sell boxes on a subscription basis. As part of this growth, their customer support team realized they would need to think about scaling for an increasing number of customer inquiries. In order to achieve their goals, they needed two things:

  1. Product knowledge and issue handling playbooks needed to reach their support agents more efficiently
  2. Support agents needed to be available to support a growing number of subscribers as well as the merchants who use the platform
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The solution: knowledge management and process outsourcing

First, Cratejoy’s Product Support Manager started looking for technology solutions to house their company knowledge. They knew that they needed a solution that would be light-weight and intuitive so newly-added support agents could start getting access to the info they needed right away. They also knew they needed a solution that would easily integrate into the existing workflows and systems they were already using for ticketing, customer support, and CRM.

This led them to Guru, a next-generation wiki that companies use to collect and share trusted information. Guru is designed to meet support agents where they’re already working so they can find and share knowledge through robust integrations with Slack and Google Chrome

Once Guru was set up as the source of company knowledge, Cratejoy partnered with Boldr, a mission-driven business process outsourcing firm (BPO), to optimize their customer support processes. So, yes. Boldr is a BPO. But not the typical BPO. Boldr invests on team members so they grow with the client’s company, improving long-term results for both parties. With offices in the Philippines, Mexico, Canada, and South Africa, Boldr is also able to support clients anytime, anywhere. And lastly, Boldr is focused on giving back: a time and percentage of our revenues is invested back into the communities where we live and work. It’s their grain of sand to help make the world a better place.

An element that sets Boldr apart from other BPOs is their engagement with innovative technologies. Boldr takes a technology-agnostic approach to its clients’ tech stacks, diving deep into the metrics that matter in order to match each company with the support and solution setup that will drive the right results. When beginning their engagement with Cratejoy, Boldr dug into the solutions that were already being used to make sure Cratejoy was set up for success.

Using Cratejoy’s existing implementation of Guru as a knowledge management tool, Boldr began to onboard new customer success representatives. Boldr documented that Guru was able to seamlessly integrate into agent workflows, saving time and keeping agents focused on customers instead of context-switching and searching for information. 

  • Guru’s Slackbot delivers Cratejoy reps the knowledge they need, in context and at the right time. 
  • Using Guru’s Chrome extension, reps have instant access to bite-sized information right on top of the systems they’re working in so there’s no need to search through various resources in order to find the one nugget of info they need to answer a customer inquiry. 
  • Better yet, Guru knowledge is always verified so new reps can trust what they’re reading and resolve customer inquiries accurately, in the first contact. 
“The most important factor for us is global team building. The amazing talent we hire is complemented by the seamless training and onboarding processes made possible by Guru. Boldr team members working as Cratejoy customer advocates are able to get all the information they need from their very first day, setting them up to provide the necessary support. It’s a successful partnership we’re proud to be a part of.”
— Boldr Team

The result: faster, more efficient, more empowered customer support (and happier customers!)

All of these efforts are paying off! Over the course of their engagement with Boldr and Guru, Cratejoy has achieved remarkable results, helping them live up to the “joy” that is their namesake:

  • Reduced time-to-resolution by providing in-workflow knowledge
  • Increased agent confidence with verified, trusted information
  • Reduced time-to-first-call for new agents with on-demand knowledge as a safety net

Let’s work together!

Want to see how Guru’s next-gen company wiki can improve your clients customer success outcomes? Contact our partnerships team today!

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