Guru works with all your favorite tools

(and might replace a few, too 😉)

Work, uninterrupted

Guru’s core integrations are designed to keep you focused on the task at hand. Increase productivity by staying in the same tab, conversation, or email while you find exactly what you need.

Google Chrome

Guru Works on any website
Get information directly from your single source of truth everywhere your team works. Guru’s Chrome extension works on top of any cloud-based app, making verified knowledge easier and faster to find than ever.


Capture and share critical information as it comes up in conversation with our Slack app. In Guru, information doesn’t get lost, and our AI-powered Trending Topics give you clarity on subjects that come up frequently so you can fill key knowledge gaps.

Microsoft Teams

Push timely information that can’t be missed to employees with Guru’s Microsoft Teams integration, bypassing overwhelmed inboxes and document dumps. You’ll even know who’s read what and when by requiring one-click acknowledgment.


Get content recommendations based on email content and quickly document expertise right within Gmail.


Make it easy to respond to any questions with the most up-to-date info without even having to save a draft.

Know who’s who and what they do

Make it easy to see who’s authoring what—and why they’re the experts. Connect your human resources information systems with Guru to automatically populate fields in employee profiles and org chart.
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Dynamic embedded content with context

Embed multimedia assets like videos, docs, reports, and trainings directly within Guru to make everything easier to find.


Embed G Suite docs, presentations, and more for better findability and added context.


Need to share a webinar or CEO talk? Grab the video link and integrate it directly into your single source of truth.

Learning management systems

Training doesn’t end when onboarding does. Make it simple to reference supplementary training modules by embedding Guru Cards into your LMS (or vice versa!) for ongoing learning.

Project management tools

Never get asked where the right dashboard is again. Embed reports and forms with an iFrame, and let our AI proactively push them to anyone who needs them.

Have better conversations

Our AI Suggest Text integration automatically suggests the best information for your team members to use in fast-moving customer conversations. It pulls directly from your company’s own documentation and gets smarter the more you use it.
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Bring your existing content with you

There’s no need to start from scratch. If you’re already working in Confluence, Salesforce, or Zendesk, sync your existing knowledge base with Guru. With Guru’s verification engine, you can supercharge the trustworthiness of information created elsewhere.

Sync with Confluence

Break down knowledge silos without breaking processes.

Sync with Salesforce

Take your sales knowledge everywhere.

Sync with Zendesk

Keep your internal and external-facing articles together.

Verified info for verified employees

Make sure only the right people can access your company’s confidential knowledge by enabling one of Guru’s single sign-on (SSO) or SCIM integrations.

Custom integrations just for you

Looking for more than an embed? Connect Guru with your favorite apps through two of the most popular no-code solutions, or configure your own with our API for ultimate flexibility.
Find exactly what you’re looking for and learn more about our integrations in our Help Center.