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Cut through the noise and drive employee engagement

Information overload? Is your intranet out of sight and out of mind? Cut through chat, email, and video fatigue and use Guru's announcements to ensure that your company’s most important updates are actually seen.
"Guru is a really integral part of our internal comms structure at Shopify. It gives us an opportunity to approach comms from a completely new lens of digital, asynchronous communication where the work needs to happen just as quickly, and the impact of it is probably bigger than ever because the merchants we serve here at Shopify need us that much more."
Vicki Laninga, Internal communications
“Being able to pull Guru knowledge into Slack is huge for us. The ease with which we can take a Guru link and share it in a channel, or use the slash command to surface knowledge, or direct message the Guru bot with a question, has been key. Tools like Guru that integrate seamlessly with Slack are extremely valuable in our org, since Slack is where we work every single day.”
Kelly Pearce, Learning Operations Manager
"Guru helps me feel independent and informed in my role even though I have only just started. I was onboarded to my role entirely remotely. It is no surprise that there is a ton of information I needed to learn while effectively sitting at a desk alone. Guru cards helped me learn about the company, its policies, and also info related to my role. All could be done without pestering my colleagues who I hadn't even met yet."
Caroline Leopold, Operations Associate

In-moment messaging meets anytime information

No one should feel out of the loop when they’re at work. With Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations, a personalized dashboard, and a works-everywhere-you-do browser extension, Guru improves employee communication, boosts productivity, and makes information from all over the company accessible to everyone, whenever they need it.
"Because of Guru, our entire company is aligned— across the globe. We’ve reduced repeat questions and I can finally stop answering emails at 10pm every night"
Joe Gaspard, Head of Content

Simple, fast, and accurate knowledge sharing

Simplify and enhance your most important work comms with the help of Guru. Ensure your knowledge is accurate and up to date with our verification engine. Embed videos and documents to enhance written comms, and use our analytics to get clarity on who’s reading what. 
"Before the stay-at-home order we had an average of about 35,000 slack messages a day. We saw an overnight jump to about 60,000 messages per day after the order was issued. That's 25,000 shoulder taps, in-person chit-chats that overnight started happening in Slack. People are now referencing Guru Cards more than they used to, throwing them in chats and Slacks and sending them over email—working from home became easy because we were so prepared for it with Guru."
Sara Davatelis, IT Specialist
"Our reliable and up-to-date knowledge management repository in Guru is critical to ensure our remote teams are set up for success."
Dana Tessier, Knowledge Management
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