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InVision is the digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences.


InVision & Guru: Sales Enablement Case Study

InVision is the digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences.

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“Guru has become the one place we can look to find what we need, no matter where we are located. I wouldn’t want to use anything else. I love it.”

Joe Carnevali
Sales Operations Manager

Ask any of InVision’s 882 employees about what first drew them to the company and you’ll probably hear about its flexible work environment, industry-leading digital design platform, and the inspiringly diverse team powering its rapid growth. For starters, InVision’s staff is fully remote, with an eye toward attracting the best talent around the globe, regardless of zip code.

How does InVision keep everyone rowing in the same direction as the team scales? Through a delicate balance of tech-enabled communication and easy access to internal information across sales, support, and customer success teams—everything from product and competitor intelligence to policies and best practices is at everyone’s fingertips, whether they’re in Seattle, London, or Sydney. That’s where Guru comes in.

Today, InVision has a streamlined process for knowledge sharing and a dedicated team in place to manage internal knowledge for their revenue teams — all powered through Guru.

But this was not exactly the case when Sales Operations Manager Joe Carnevali first started at the company.

Building the foundation to empower revenue teams

One of Joe’s first tasks was to rethink how InVision managed one of their critical assets: the revenue team’s knowledge base. “At first, it felt like I was facing this impossibly huge world of out-of-date content,” said Joe. “But anyone who’s been in a customer-facing role knows that this is one of the most vital things to get right. You can’t have sales agents wasting time hunting for information, and you need to get everyone on the same page because you can’t scale silos.”

In an ultra-competitive market, a sales agent sharing out-of-date information or telling a prospect, “I’ll get back to you with an answer” can mean losing a critical deal to a competitor. Understandably, there was urgency in addressing this challenge.

Joe quickly got to work, verifying knowledge in Guru so revenue teams could trust the information they were sharing with customers and prospects. The plan included bucketing content into specific categories and forming a dedicated team to govern the knowledge network so that subject matter experts could focus on getting the right knowledge in front of the right people.

“It’s been so easy to maintain. The best part about Guru is that it gives our revenue teams confidence and instills a level of trust we wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s become the one place we can look to find what we need, no matter where we are located. I wouldn’t want to use anything else. I love it.”

Joe Carnevali
Sales Operations Manager

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Staying ahead of the competition

With an ever-expanding array of competitors in the digital design space, InVision recently brought on Donnie Wang as a Senior Product Marketing Manager to empower the sales team with all the knowledge they need to position InVision against other solutions their prospects consider.

“With Guru, I don’t have to waste time figuring out where our content will live, how I’ll distribute it, or how to promote it. I like to think of Guru as everything in one place and everyone in one place. It helps us solve for the number one product marketer’s nightmare: creating a ton of great content that no one reads.” ­

Donnie Wang
Senior Product Marketing Manager

In addition to serving as InVision’s source of truth for internal knowledge, Donnie also sees Guru as a content curator that helps the team hone in on what’s most important. He is especially fond of Guru’s usage and search analytics as a means to guide content strategy. For example, he can drill down into which searches for knowledge in Guru are producing results and which aren’t to better understand what information is most useful to his team. In fact, his first content project was based on the top search term producing no results in Guru.

“I am guilty of looking at Guru’s analytics pretty much daily,” Donnie said. “After I publish a new card, I want to know who’s looking and what’s happening. Guru helps me establish a baseline that I can use to get a better idea of the performance and effectiveness of our content and competitive intelligence.”

More than anything, Donnie can rest easy knowing he’s empowering InVision’s revenue teams with the knowledge they need to win deals and wow customers.

“With Guru, I can create and cover a wider breadth of competitors, go deeper into the most important ones, and empower my teammates with the depth and expertise they need to handle sales and customer success interactions. Guru helps me keep my teammates on the front lines happy and feeling confident that the training and content that they need exists, is trustworthy, and is easy to find.”

Donnie Wang
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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