Scale your story with cohesive marketing documentation

Make sure everyone in your company is speaking the same language and free up the time your marketing team spends sharing one-sheets and case studies so they can do what they do best: tell your story.
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Your marketing story is only as great as the people telling it

Guru gives your team the content and context they need to bring your brand's story to life. Your marketing team can keep product messaging, conversation tips, personas, and competitive battlecards top of mind.
"I appreciate that Guru gives us that control over our marketing assets so we feel more comfortable and confident that we have unified and aligned messaging across the company."
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Charity Stebbins, Senior Director, Brand & Communications
"Guru helps me keep my teammates on the front lines happy and feeling confident that the training and content that they need exists, is trustworthy, and is easy to find."
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Donnie Wang, Senior Product Marketing Manager
"Guru is simply the easiest, most straightforward way to get information. I can access the browser extension from any page, and the ability to recall information instantly is invaluable to me. Knowing that the information is always up-to-date is icing on the cake."
Kristen Hariton, Product Marketing Strategist

Marketing strategy for product launches

Collaborate across the entire org with ease. Build better products, communicate changes and updates, and make adjustments to your marketing strategy in real time. Smart search makes info easy to find, and announcements keep everyone aligned.
"With Guru, I don’t have to waste time figuring out where our content will live, how I’ll distribute it, or how to promote it. I like to think of Guru as everything in one place and everyone in one place. It helps us solve for the number one product marketer’s nightmare: creating a ton of great content that no one reads."
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Donnie Wang, Senior Product Marketing Manager
"There were too many places for people to go to get the information they needed and there was too much going on for them to keep up with multiple sources. We needed something that had everything together in one place that was easy to access."
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Sunshine Levin, Product Marketing Manager

Get ahead of competitors with internal communications for marketing

Announcements let you communicate changes and make adjustments to your marketing strategy in real time as your reps work and as your products and markets change.
"With Guru, I can create and cover a wider breadth of competitors, go deeper into the most important ones, and empower my teammates with the depth and expertise they need to handle sales and customer success interactions."
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Donnie Wang, Senior Product Marketing Manager
"Guru’s knowledge network empowered Lever’s revenue team to effortlessly find just the relevant content needed to accelerate their sales cycles."
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Kiran Dhillon, Product Marketing
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