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Guru’s stress-free, self-paced onboarding sets employees up for success before their first day, and supports them every day after.

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New hire onboarding

Create a level playing field where new hires across every team can help themselves to information and even revisit it after the training wheels come off. With Guru’s employee onboarding functionality, you’ll get better communication, cheaper and more efficient onboarding, and new employees who become productive team members faster than ever.

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"Oh my gosh, Guru factors into every part of our onboarding strategy."
Stephanie Lo, Customer Experience Training Manager

Improve knowledge retention

Make sure that important company knowledge stays in the company, even as roles and teammates change. Meaningfully integrate people across roles and departments with easy knowledge sharing. It's free to get started with Guru and use templates to capture the most important information, creating a solid foundation for every employee.

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Offboarding employees

Just because you say goodbye to a teammate doesn't mean you have to lose track of their knowledge. Guru makes it easy to capture transition documentation, project updates, and subject matter expertise so contributions can live on, even after team members move on to their next opportunity.