A home base that goes where you need it to

Guru is the AI-powered, people-focused intranet that eliminates repeat questions, tames noisy chat tools, and ends wasted time searching for information. It's your go-to for everything you need to know.
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Guru being used to surface an Open Enrollment Overview directly in Slack
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Do your best work, not busywork

Spend less time answering routine questions and more time on meaningful employee initiatives. Give your team a single source of truth for HR knowledge that they can access wherever they're working—in chat, email, documents, and all cloud-based tools.
"Guru has freed up an incalculable number of hours for myself and my team in HR. We are a touch point for most employees, and as we scale, our new employees also intuitively reach out with repetitive questions. Guru has more than leveled up our onboarding process, and remains an invaluable resource in keeping our company aligned on org-wide knowledge."—Christina Utley, People Systems Analyst
Christina Utley, People Systems Analyst
Someone using Guru to answer a a question about a company's wellness reimbursement directly in Slack

Communicate process and policy changes with ease and authority 

With Guru, employees get a personalized dashboard filled with curated content from company and team leaders alongside AI-suggested recommendations. Put critical announcements front and center, verify that employees have read them, and rest easy knowing that people have trusted information.
"Our knowledge constantly changes as our team expands and evolves. Announcement Cards allow us to bring attention to new and updated information that directly impacts select roles across the team. [...] Paired with the announcements feature, our team can stay up to date on the knowledge they need to do their job."
Taylor Paschal, Knowledge Manager
HR sending a announcement in Guru

Start off on the right foot with best-in-class onboarding

Don’t lock important information away in one-and-done training courses. Give your entire company access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs on day one—and every day that comes after.
“You can tell when someone’s been onboarded using Guru vs onboarded before we had Guru in place. There’s a very different mentality in terms of how they search. I think for the new hires who get started with Guru, they probably feel a lot more confident in terms of finding information.”
Shalina Bhagat, Content Strategist
Folders of Guru cards organized for New Hire onboarding