Guru + Slack: Better together

Conversations move fast in Slack. Guru's integration for Slack makes it simple to identify, capture, share, and access your team's collective knowledge.
Guru’s integration for Slack identifies, captures, shares, and searches your team's collective knowledge base in seconds–so you have everything you need to know in one place
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Guru surfacing search results directly in Slack

Guru and Slack: A better way to activate company knowledge

  • Keep your finger on the company pulse. Guru's Trending Topics for Slack feature identifies the themes, repeat questions, and conversations in your busiest channels.
  • Easily capture and categorize important information from your conversations and transform it into content your team can access instantly.
  • Assign your newly-captured content to an expert on your team to ensure it's always up to date and accurate
  • Search, share, and update your Guru content without leaving Slack.
  • Send an announcement to deliver crucial information to your team where they're already chatting, and verify who's read it.
  • Maintain a trusted single source of information with Guru, and save Slack for important conversations (and cat gifs).
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Turn conversations into content your team can use

Slack is indispensable for communicating with your team, but conversations move fast, which means it's tough to keep up with important information. Guru's integration for Slack shows you what's popular in your Slack channels and makes it easy to capture, use, and maintain content without ever leaving Slack.

Guru's slack integration surfacing popular topics of conversation and making it easy to turn those into Guru card.

Give your MVPs the gift of time

Do your team's experts spend too much time sifting through threads to answer repeat questions? Guru's Trending Topics feature for Slack uses AI technology to do the sifting, identifying high-impact themes and serving them up in the form of a handy digest. Experts answer a question once and save it to Guru using a Slack command, creating documentation instantly and getting their valuable time back.

Guru's Trending Topic feature

Know what matters most to your employees

Don't guess what's on employees' minds. Stay clued in to current conversations and see what questions come up frequently without having to scroll through countless channels. With Guru and Slack, it's easy to identify what people are most interested in and understand their needs.

Slack + Guru = Instant documentation

Building a company knowledge base can be daunting, especially figuring out what content to include. Guru's integration for Slack shows you the most pertinent information to capture and makes identifying knowledge gaps a breeze.

A Guru customer quote: "Trending Topics for Slack has helped me identify valuable info that I otherwise would not have been able to capture." - Time Subealdea, Knowledge Management Specialist at Wizehire


  • Automatically identify trending topics
  • Save new content
  • Update existing content
  • Search content
  • Share content
  • Preview content in Slack
  • Read content in Slack
  • Receive alerts
  • Get announcements

Guru is built with security in mind, so when you use Guru + Slack, we've got you covered! Learn more about how Guru takes your security seriously.

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