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Companies have been trying to solve their knowledge problems for decades. And though they’ve tried everything from digitizing paper handbooks, to FAQs, intranets, and internal wikis, none of them has been able to gain long-term traction. Either the software was too difficult or expensive to update, or no one knew who put together the last version of the information (or even if what was in there was still relevant). Eventually, people would stop trusting what they found in the knowledge base, and start asking around for the answers they needed, making the platform a wasted investment.

Ultimately, none of these traditional knowledge management software solutions worked to fix the problem of making knowledge easy to access, create, update, and trust.

At Guru, we know that when you make your company’s knowledge easy to access whenever and wherever you need to, your business runs better—and we have the data to prove it.

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Why choose Guru as your knowledge base software?

Curious about what makes Guru different? We’ve made sure that the knowledge you need finds you, whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise, a customer support team that lives in Zendesk, a sales force that lives in, uh, Salesforce, or even a fully remote org, Guru makes your company’s collective knowledge accessible in the apps you work in so you don’t have to interrupt your workflow—or your colleague.

Here’s how we do it: 

Capture the knowledge you need wherever it exists. Being forced to open a new tab and log into a portal to capture knowledge takes you out of your workflow. Guru lets you capture information and add it to your knowledge base right where you're already working. That means you can stop asking, "Wait, what was I adding again?" and create a single source of truth without breaking your flow.

  • Capture knowledge natively from Slack. Slack is where work happens. It’s also where your team’s experts field questions and share valuable information. Capture their expertise as they share it and end repeat questions.
  • Capture knowledge from anywhere on the web. Guru’s powerful browser extension makes it easy to capture information anywhere you’re working and learning.

Get everyone on the same page. Clean up scattered sources and knock down information silos. With Guru, knowledge management software is collaboration software. That makes it easy for your entire team to stay aligned instead of guessing or relying on bad or old information. And because everyone can see when each piece of knowledge was last updated or verified, they trust what they find.  

  • Expert verification. Out-of-date information is, well...a thing of the past. Guru prompts your org’s experts to verify knowledge regularly to ensure it’s accurate.

The knowledge you need finds you. Guru proactively pushes relevant, contextual knowledge you might not even know exists. Instead of having to know what you’re looking for, you can rest assured that you’re working with the latest, greatest, and most complete information. Boost effectiveness, save time and money, and create amazing experiences for your customers.

  • Custom knowledge triggers. Guru works wherever you do. Build knowledge triggers into workflows so your team’s knowledge is at their fingertips (and top of mind) as they work, no searching required.
  • Intelligent suggestions in chat. Guru’s AI gives your reps suggestions in real time based on conversations they’re having in their chat tools. Learn more about Guru’s support solutions

Our knowledge management software drives collaboration no matter where your team is working

A great knowledge management platform delivers all the perks you get from an office, minus the water cooler. Guru’s powerful browser extension is like having all of your team’s experts sitting right next to you, because it works where you do. Collaboration and org-wide alignment are effortless anywhere with Guru’s cloud-based knowledge management software.
Learn more about transitioning to remote work with Guru.

  • Intelligently suggested experts. With distributed teams, figuring out the right person to ask can be its own problem to solve. Guru’s AI will suggest the expert in your org who’s most likely to know the answer.
  • Sync with existing software tools. Remote work would be impossible without the help of Slack, G Suite, and other software tools. That’s why Guru makes it simple to sync content from the tools your team already uses every day.

Guru’s personal knowledge management solution

Whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or just looking for something a bit more robust than your current to-do list or note-taking app, Guru can help. Organize all the knowledge you need to keep your job—and your life—running smoothly. Knowledge is delivered to you when and where you need it, and it’s always up to date. Plus, it works with the software tools you already use. (We still love you, note-taking app.)

Guru’s knowledge management software is like having the smartest personal assistant ever. And the best part? It’s free to use.

Save time and money with Guru’s knowledge management software

With Guru’s knowledge management system, you can reduce new-hire ramp time, drive amazing customer experiences, make your team more collaborative and productive… or all of the above. Start building a valuable knowledge network for your team for free with Guru.

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